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Glitters & Heels

random notes

1st. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Especially some of you .
2nd. I’ve not been around much lately but the laptop that i’m using atm is, as you know, REALLY slow and it’s painful to scroll the tumblr’s dashbord with it. it’s just keep freezing every damn time D:
3rd. I miss editing pics and caps for you guys T—-T
4th. Nia told me about major Teen Wolf spoilers goin’ around here without being properly tagged, so i’m kind of glad i’m not spending much time here for now. Taggin’ a post is not that hard to do, and since i guess it’s fair for people that wanna watch the show without knowing every bit of what happens, everyone should tag spoilers. /rant

See Ya Soon (i hope)!!

  1. niablackcat said: Miss you too, babe!! <3
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